Whether you’re a Coach, Manager, Referee or just a supportive parent, it’s important we all have the knowledge on how to best prepare for the game and keep everyone safe.

LeagueSmart is an online Health & Safety programme aimed at better preparing our volunteers, supporters and players for Rugby League. This programme is broken into four parts, and should take no longer than half an hour to complete.

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(1) Be Supportive (1)

As a Rugby League community we should all be aware of our attitudes and behaviours towards sport, and the impact that it might have on all who participate. Here, you will find information and resources to create an enjoyable and aspirational experience for all.

(2) Keeping Safe (2)

Kiwis love Rugby League because it's fast, exciting and fun. We also want to ensure that our experiences are as safe as possible. Here, you will find information, tools and resources that will help keep all involved in rugby league safe.

(3) Preparing to Play (3) 

Being prepared to play will help reduce injuries and improve performance. In this section you will find information, tools and resources that will support your team to be ready to play at their best.

(4) Managing Injuries (4)

Although we can prepare well, injuries still happen from time to time. Here, you will find information, tools and resources on injury response and management, and how best to support athletes through the recovery process.