The Kiwi Way is the New Zealand Rugby League Ethos.
It encapsulates our strategic direction while representing holistic elements that are essential to the growth of our people, our communities and our code.
The waka is all-inclusive. It represents the strong Māori and Pasifika influence in rugby league as well as the range of ethnicities that make up our game. The waka was a common vehicle used by many to forge pathways to new ideas and new lives.
The waka represents New Zealand Rugby League’s whakapapa as well as its progress.
We acknowledge those before us, our history, our learnings, and use this to guide our journey and forward direction.
The Kiwi Way is our organisational identity. We acknowledge the values of our people, what rugby league has already achieved and how together we can take the game into uncharted areas.
We are diverse, we call New Zealand home and we are all Kiwis.
Southern Cross Stars
These stars are the key foundation pillars of our organisation; Coaches, Managers, Volunteers, Player Pathways.
Like our ancestors who used the stars to navigate their way - we too rely on each key pillar to collectively grow and strengthen our game.
He waka eke noa
The Kiwi Way model is inspired by the Maori health model Te Whare Tapa Wha (Dr Mason Durie), the Pasifika health model Fono Fale (Fuimaono Karl Pulotu Endemman) and the Sport NZ model Physical Literacy.
Wellbeing circle
In unity there is strength.
Our waka can only sail when all elements are aligned.
It also represents the sea that connects all our cultures and origins.




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