October 17 2020

Your wrap up of the first day of the NZRL Men’s Championship action at Bruce Pulman Park.

Upper Central Stallions (30) v Mid Central Vipers (10) 10am

Upper Central dominated the first half scoring three unanswered tries yet the second forty saw the Vipers mount their comeback. It was a four point game until a reverse penalty went the way of the Stallions shifting momentum in Upper Central’s favour putting the game out of reach for the Vipers.

Upper Central (30)

Try scores: James Leavai (2), Joshua Tupou, Aritaku Robens, Dylan Clark (2)

Conversions: Jayden Andrade-Kingi (2), Jordan Magee (1)

Mid Central Vipers (10)

Try scorers: Awatere Kiwara, Damien Le-Noel Ngatai

Conversions: Jahlon Governor

Northern Swords (28) v Wellington Orcas (12) 1:45pm

Wellington dominated early and were first to mount points but three back to back tries to the Swords had them in front majority of the half. A late try to Orcas’ Winger Pelei Moimoi before the half time siren kept Wellington within a converted try. However it was the Swords that kept their nose in front in the second forty, scoring two unanswered tries and sealing the win 28-12.

Northland Swords (28)

Try scores: Matthew Kahle, Eroni Biukoto, Charme Henry-Turner, Levita Levita, James Witehira.

Conversions: Levita Levita (4)

Wellington Orcas (12)

Try scorers: Pelei Moimoi, Mose Tuifao-Papalii

Conversions: Bronson Marino (2)