JOB TITLE: NZRL Rest or Aotearoa 16s Girls Trainer

This is a voluntary role that requires a commitment of some weekend work and a camp for the campaign.

APPOINTMENT TERM: One (1) year plus an additional one (1) year pending campaign review.

REPORT TO: National Coaching & Development Manager and Head Coach, Head of Women’s Rugby League and LeagueSmart Manager.



New Zealand Rugby League:


Rugby league has played a significant part in New Zealand sport for over 100 years. Formed in 1910, New Zealand Rugby League (NZRL) is the governing body for the sport of rugby league in New Zealand. With a commitment to growing the female game, providing positive experiences and opportunities for youth female players to participate in rugby league. The NZRL Rest of Aotearoa 16’s s Girls representative teams contribute to the female pathway, which leads to and includes the NRLW and NZRL Kiwi Ferns.

The successful candidate will be appointed in the role of NZRL Rest of Aotearoa 16’sGirls team trainer.



New Zealand Rugby League goals:


  • Rugby league enjoyed by more people
  • A financially sustainable NZ Game
  • Women’s game thriving and enhanced opportunities for women in the game
  • Kiwis and Kiwi Ferns inspirational & aspirational
  • NZRL to be a model modern sports organisation


Through our “More Than A Game” philosophy, NZRL aspires to transform lives and community wellbeing through Rugby League.


Underpinning this philosophy is The Kiwi Way. 

We are diverse, we call New Zealand home, and therefore we are all Kiwis.

We are inclusive, respectful and humble

We are responsible

We are innovative and courageous

We are family first


We live and play The Kiwi Way every day




The trainer is required to facilitate sessions in a manner that minimises the risk of injury and promotes athlete wellbeing. They will also work very closely with the coaching staff to ensure that training sessions are co-designed to meet the desired outcomes. The trainer must also mentor the players in nutrition, training, prehab, rehab, and general lifestyle decisions that meet the NZRL gold standard.

The Trainer position will cover the NZRL Rest of Aotearoa Girls campaigns.





  • The NZRL Rest of Aotearoa 16’s Girls team will be selected from the NZRL National Youth Tournament (from players that have registered and played at the NZRL National Yoyuth Toruanemt ).
  • The NZRL Rest of Aotearoa 16s Girls will play an ARL 16s representative team


Team Selection dates

2nd October – 6th October 2022– Taupo

Campaign dates:

Date Friday 21st October – 24th October

Venue – QBE Stadium – North Harbour





Skills and Qualifications:
•       Has experience working with secondary school age players in a trainer’s role


•       Achieved a minimum of NZRL Developing Trainer or National Trainer Accreditation preferred) or record of prior learning (Level 5 Sports Science or Fitness, with relevant rugby league strength and conditioning experience [1-3 years]).


•       Have a current First Aid Certificate.


•       Have a strong understanding of the ACC LeagueSmart programme and exercises and best practices in a Rugby League setting


•       Experience in training women or girls is preferable


•       A proven understanding of the concussion protocols, injury prevention, assessment, and treatment


•       Have the ability to adapt sessions to meet the needs and expectations of team management and players


•       Excellent communication skills that motivate and inspire (Charismatic)


•       Support others to maximise and realize their potential




Planning and Reporting:
  • In consultation with the Head and Asst Coach, develop a pre-campaign training and team schedule


  • Prepare a report in NZRL prescribed format to be completed within the agreed deadline


Personal Attributes:
•       Take a creative but realistic/practical approach to designing training sessions in consultation with the coaching staff


•       Considerate of player’s personal beliefs when physical contact is required to manage injuries


•       Flexible and understanding of different cultures and backgrounds when dealing with players


•       Able to work as part of a multifaceted team




Key Responsibilities:
•       In conjunction with NZRL and the coaching staff, implement a training programme targeted at preparing players to perform to the best of their ability.


•       Work alongside the coaching staff and athletes to proactively minimise injury risk and ensure any injuries are managed in the best possible way.


•       Act as a positive role model to all athletes regarding overall fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.


•       Actively promote athlete well-being and safety and attend to the first aid and emergency care of players.


•       Active engagement in training and match-day management of athletes, working alongside coaching and medical staff to promote athlete well-being and safety before, during and following the campaign.


•       Work alongside the coaches and medical team to coordinate all training, match day and medical equipment.


•       Educate athletes in areas relative to training techniques, nutrition and performance where required.


•       Create a positive and encouraging training environment for the team.


Application process:


To register your interest in the above position, please email your Coaching C.V and Cover Letter to the NZRL LeagueSmart Manager (Shawn Stewart) shawn.stewart@nzrl.co.nz no later than EOB Friday 23rd September 2022 (The successful coaching staff will be required to undergo the NZRL Police Vetting protocols)