09 April 2023

The NZRL National District 9s continued at Bruce Pulman Park today, with the U18s grade kicking off their tournament weekend.

Otago v Waikato
After a close first half, the Waikato side pulled away in the second half, coming out on top 20-4.

Northland v Auckland
A dominant Auckland red side showed their strength, keeping Northland off the board to take the win 16-0.

Canterbury v Waikato
The Cantabrians opened the scoring, but Waikato matched them for every point. Both teams came to a draw 14-14.

Manawatu v Auckland
A close game going try-for-try, with Auckland narrowly taking the win 10-8 over the Manawatu side.

Otago v Auckland
Both sides were evenly matched and kept each other from crossing the try line, leaving the score at 0-0 full-time.

Auckland v Auckland
A very physical match-up between the two Auckland sides. Auckland White was tenacious to win 20-6 over Auckland Blue.

Wellington v Canterbury
An intense game between two strong teams, with the Wellingtonians coming out on top 8-0 at full-time.

Northland v Wellington
The Northlanders did well to get ahead by halftime, with Wellington only a try behind. The momentum shifted in favour of Wellington, with their strong left edge sealing an 18-12 win.

Hauraki v Otago
Some early errors from Hauraki put Otago just ahead by a try at halftime. The Hauraki team did well to come back and stay in the contest, drawing the game up at 12-12 full-time.

Manawatu v Waikato
The Waikato boys played a dominant 18 minutes, claiming a 26-8 victory over Manawatu.

Canterbury v Auckland
Canterbury 18s Boys had a strong performance against the Auckland Rugby League 18s. Canterbury completely outplayed the Auckland side, beating them easily 24 – 4.

Auckland Blue v Wellington
The two sides constantly battled for 18 minutes, with Auckland just winning by a conversion. Final score 6-4 to Auckland Blue.

Auckland White v Canterbury
A strong Auckland White team dispatched the Canterbury 18s girls with a dominant performance against the South Island team. Auckland White took the win 24 – 4.

Northland v Waikato
The two teams battled try-for-try, with the Waikato girls eventually emerging as the victors, 16-10.

Hauraki v Wellington
A strong Wellington side controlled possession and the game, finishing victorious with 22 points to Hauraki’s 4.

Northland v Otago
The Northland 18s boys came into their next match searching for their first win in the tournament against the Otago 18s boys. Tries came quickly and fast for both teams, but Northland ultimately ran away with the match 22 – 4.

Waikato v Auckland Red
Waikato 18s girls and Auckland Red girls came into the third round needing a win. The match-up was close, with nothing between either of the teams 6 – 6 at halftime. In the second half, Auckland Red kicked into high gear and ran away with the match 20 – 6.

Otago v Northland
Northland displayed their skill and speed to dominate this game, scoring 26 points for a 26-6 full-time score over Otago.

Canterbury v Manawatu
Canterbury 18s Boys came into their last match of the day against Manawatu 18s with confidence after winning their first two matches. The first half of the match was close, with Canterbury leading into halftime 12 – 4. Canterbury battled and kept their lead through the second half to take the win 16 – 8.

Auckland v Waikato
The Auckland side played a physical game to produce a 20-4 win over Waikato, who did well to get points on the board.

Auckland White v Wellington
The Auckland White 18s took on the Wellington 18s in a close matchup. Ultimately, the Auckland side took the win 10 – 8.

Canterbury v Auckland Blue
There was nothing between Canterbury and Auckland Blue. After 18 minutes, the match ended with a draw 8-8.

Northern Swords v Hauraki
After a close first half, the Northern Swords extended their lead over Hauraki to win 20 – 10.

Otago v Wellington
Wellington had by far the most dominant performance of the day, taking the game with ease 0 – 38.


GIRLS 18s standings


Auckland Red
WRFL: Waikato
RLN: Northland
Otago Rugby League: Otago


Auckland White
Auckland Blue
Wellington Rugby League
Canterbury Rugby League


BOYS 18s standings


Wellington Rugby League
Northern Swords
Hauraki District RL
Otago Rugby League



Canterbury Rugby League
Auckland Rugby League
Manawatu Rugby Football League