By Neville Hinga

On 27 May 2018 the Patea Warriors from South Taranaki traveled to New Plymouth to play against the Western Suburbs Tigers in an intriguing game of Masters Rugby League, the weather was expecting heavy rain falls however the sun stood out and it wasn’t going to stop the players of yester-year partake in a physical match in the “Battle @ Ngamotu”.

The game was played with such passion but what else would you expect from these two legendary teams.

There was an incident that occurred during the game in which a Patea player was injured which was unexpected however the player is recovering well.

Although Patea took the win, you could sense the wairua from the Western Suburbs Tigers who never gave up and showed a lot of mana on the field throughout the game.

To see past players come out of the wood works from both sides giving their all and enjoying themselves was a awesome experience to witness.

Special Acknowledgement goes out the Western Suburbs Tigers Committee who were fantastic hosts on the day, the kai was phenomenal and enjoyed by all, also to a member of the Tigers club Edd Te Huia for his commitment and engagement towards the Masters organisation. Without the clubs involvement, this event would not have occurred.

And to those who received the Player of the day rewards and not to mention our Player of the day sponsor : 3B Fitness Club

Now that we will look forward to the next date which is set, the Patea Management  deem the next rugby league match as a “Give back to the local community event” – an appreciation to thank to all the supporters that have made the time and effort to go out and observe the Masters Games around the “Naki” region.

There will be a huge crowd wanting to see this in full effect considering this will be the first League game in a very long time.