Drug Free Sport New Zealand’s investigation into athletes purchasing prohibited substances online will continue well into 2018 and is a stark warning to the whole sporting community not to become complacent about doping in sport.

New Zealand athletes from many different sports have been caught purchasing banned substances online in the Clenbuterol NZ investigation and for some sports it’s a wake-up call to take anti-doping matters more seriously.

While there is a general belief that drug testing is the only way to catch a doping athlete, there are ten ways athletes and their support personnel can fall foul of the NZ Sports Anti-Doping Rules. A positive drug test is just one of them. The latest Prohibited List came into force on 1 January 2018 and while it features only a few amendments, it’s recommended that everyone stay informed of the latest changes. Six of the ten Rules apply to support personnel so it’s not just athletes who need to be informed, but their support teams as well.

DFSNZ strongly recommends that everyone involved in rugby league in New Zealand takes the time to understand their anti-doping responsibilities. Free resources are available from DFSNZ for members of NZRL and DFSNZ also offers free education seminars and workshops on request. NZRL has a comprehensive anti-doping page on their website with links to key information.