Thanks to Pirtek, each month we look to celebrate a volunteer who has contributed immensely to Rugby League and their community. This month, we congratulate Bryarn Nuku from Omahu Huia Rugby League Club in Hastings for being our September Volunteer of the Month.


Omahu Huia hasn’t seen a Junior grade for more than 20 years, so Bryarn took it upon herself to start up the Junior division at the club, in which everyone at the club loves seeing the Juniors back up and running. “I didn’t actually realise how much effort this young lady has gone through in order to get us to where we are. She picks up all the kids for training and their games, as parents are unable to and she does this all at her own cost.” Shane, nominator.


Bryarn saw the need for fundraising in her Rugby League community because most of the kids could barely afford a pair of football boots. She ran a sausage sizzle two weeks in a row in order for the club to be able to pay their fees. She also managed to organise mouth guards and ex-conditioned rugby boots for the kids to play in, as she wasn’t able to purchase brand new ones.


You can always count on Bryarn to be at every game with oranges for each of the three teams. She also manages to have the ‘player of the day’ certificates organised for each game, along with chocolate bars for all the kids so that no one misses out. You’ll also see Bryarn collecting all the gear at the end of the day so that she can take them home to wash them, as well as folding all the team’s strips – fresh, clean and ready for the Juniors every Saturday morning.


“This lady here is the future of Rugby League in the Hawkes Bay community.” Shane, Nominator.


“Young Bryarn is another great example of the selfless people that are involved at the grassroots of Rugby League in New Zealand,” says Chris Bourke, General Manager at Pirtek.


“To instigate the club along with the extent she goes to ensuring the kids get to play, including some funding from her own pocket, is exemplary. Bryarn demonstrates the true character of Rugby League volunteers and why she should be the Pirtek volunteer of the month.”


Each winner receives $200 worth of vouchers.

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