14th May, 2021.

as seen on healthy families.

Wellbeing and putting the person first is high up on the agenda for Wellington Rugby League. The philosophy runs deep and was evident last weekend during the delivery of the Kiwi League Senior Coaching course, part of New Zealand Rugby League’s ‘The Kiwi Way’ Coach Education pathway.

Coaches are encouraged to put the player first and the course focuses on building current knowledge as well as strengthening the framework under which coaching is provided through the game of rugby league.

The concept is coaching for character.  It shines a light on the important role a coach can play in having conversations and supporting individual players during difficult and challenging times. Sporting coaches are in an invaluable position to be able to provide strong leadership to our children and young people, shaping them and equipping them with important skills to be able to navigate their way through life.

Alongside Healthy Families Hutt Valley the Kiwi League Senior Coaching programme brought together 17 coaches from across the Wellington region, the largest number of senior coaches to have undertaken this programme at any one time. 

The emergence of women in sport at this level is inspiring. Three of the newly accredited coaches are Pasifika women, a milestone for Wellington Rugby League and recognition of the rise in leadership by women involved in the sport.

New Zealand Rugby League Director of Coaching, Dan Keepa highlighted over the weekend that as a result of the coaching programme and the national and local commitment to the ongoing development of coaches, that within the next two or three years we will see a significant shift in how the game of rugby league is played.

Going beyond the game to put wellbeing at the forefront by developing rugby league coaches, we can reach players and whānau where they spend their time and collectively support our people to be well.