31 March 2024

16s Girl’s Finals

Wellington  8 v Waikato 14

It was the defending champions Wellington who put points on the board first in their initial attacking set of the game, utilising their strong-running left edge. Shortly after they would cross for another, shifting the ball along to their right edge for the winger to score. The girls from the Waikato fought to stay in the game, scoring their first try just before the half to set the score at 8-4 to Wellington.

In a shift of momentum, the Waikato side struck first after the halftime break, with a show of pace from the left winger to beat the Wellington defender and score. A successful conversion put them in the lead by two points. The team would cement their win with another try in the last minute of the game through another individual display of speed down the right edge, dethroning the team from the capital.


16s Boys Finals

Canterbury  10 v Auckland 18

The Aucklanders came firing out of the gates to score right from the kick-off, with a well-placed kick seeing them win possession and go on to score. Minutes later, skilful passing and ball movement saw #7 Calvin Harris-Tavita score his second for the host team, followed by a successful conversion. Not to be diminished the Cantabrians rolled down the field with excellent momentum, before spreading the ball across to cross for their first try. The halftime score was 10-4 in favour of Auckland.

The first four minutes of the second half went scoreless, until an excellent cut-out pass by Auckland saw them score their third down their left wing. The boys from Canterbury battled to maintain their footing in this match, capitalising off an Auckland error in their own in-goal to score. A successful conversion saw the margin narrow to just four points. Now a one-try game, in the last minute before the full-time hooter, the determined Aucklanders stormed down the pitch to score once more.