1 July 2024

As seen on northernswords.co.nz

Rugby League Northland is thrilled to announce the launch of the Rugby League Northland Academy, an elite development programme for youth in Northland, in association with the One New Zealand Warriors.

Rugby League Northland CEO Robbie Johnson met with the One NZ Warriors General Manager of Recruitment, Development, and Pathways, Andrew McFadden, to officialise the partnership this week.

This ground-breaking initiative is set to revolutionise rugby league and development in the region, offering young athletes unprecedented opportunities in Whangarei, the Mid-North and the Far North, to hone their skills, enhance their athletic performance, and pave the way for a bright future in the sport.

The Rugby League Northland Academy aims to identify and nurture local talent, providing a structured pathway for young players to progress from grassroots to professional levels.

By partnering with the One NZ Warriors, the Academy will leverage the expertise, resources, and support of New Zealand’s premier NRL side. This collaboration ensures that our young athletes receive top-tier coaching, mentorship, and exposure to the highest standards of rugby league.

The Rugby League Northland Academy is committed to creating a clear and achievable pathway for our young athletes. Through regular assessments, feedback, and opportunities to compete at higher levels, participants will have the chance to showcase their talents and aspire to represent the Northern Swords and beyond.

This partnership with the One NZ Warriors opens doors to potential scholarships, trials, and professional contracts, turning dreams into reality for our aspiring rugby league stars.

Rugby League Northland and the One NZ Warriors are united in their commitment to developing the next generation of rugby league talent. We look forward to embarking on this exciting journey with our community and celebrating the growth and achievements of our young athletes.

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