Thanks to Pirtek, each month we look to celebrate a volunteer who has contributed immensely to Rugby League and their community. This month, we congratulate Pam Haua from the Randwick Kingfishers for being our August Volunteer of the Month.

Pam is the Junior delegate for the Randwick Kingfishers and is considered the “face of the small junior committee”. She is the junior coaches’ and managers’ go-to person when it comes to anything they need assistance with. Pam’s contribution is key to the success of the Junior club’s registrations, tournaments and prize giving.

Prior to the 2019 season starting, Pam started collecting registrations and even had a table set up for Junior registrations at a local Naenae community event, she also went out of her way to collect registrations in Taita – showing her dedication to the growth of the game and club in her community.

During the season, the Randwick Kingfishers hosted juniors one Saturday – Pam and her husband wore bright bibs and were out on the field helping teams, ensuring that everyone was aware of the time they were playing and where they were needed to be. This is not an easy job for two people, with five different age groups playing at one venue over one day. The club received comments from other clubs who mentioned that it was a well hosted day.

Pam was responsible for hosting the entire Junior prize-giving night and kept all teams well informed on the details of the event. She also kept all the volunteers in the loop right from the start of the season up until the final event.

“You can tell she is someone who knows what needs to happen in the background to have things run smoothly. Pam also knows what’s required for things to be made easy for coaches, managers and families in order for our kids to get out there and play the game we all love,” said Peggy, nominator.

Chris Bourke, General Manager at Pirtek, said: “Pam certainly covers a multitude of roles (along with husband Kevin), and demonstrates the true character of a volunteer. Maintaining that sort of commitment to the game we love shows the valued integrity and work ethic that Pam displays and that is why she deserves to be the Pirtek Volunteer of the Month.”

Nominations are now open for Pirtek’s September Volunteer of the Month.

Each winner receives $200 worth of vouchers.

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