NZRL would like to outline significant recent changes that have been made, or are in the process of being made, to the Governance of Masters of Rugby League NZ (an Associate Member of NZRL). This is to ensure that the communication is consistent on this matter.

In 2018 NZRL responded to feedback from the game, with respect to the current status of the Masters of Rugby League NZ (MoRLNZ).
The NZRL Board discussed this matter on a number of occasions and in early 2019 a letter was sent to MoRLNZ requesting that:

• The current constitution be reviewed and updated to a more modern version, including membership criteria that is more representative of its membership of Masters’ Clubs in New Zealand.

• A Special General Meeting be called to adopt the changes to the Constitution prior to the AGM.

• MoRLNZ disestablish the existing Executive Committee and allow for a democratic process to appoint Executive Committee members in accordance with the new Constitution.

• 2019 annual accounts are prepared.

• The AGM is convened prior to 31 March 2019.

• MoRLNZ and NZRL to work together to agree a Memorandum of Understanding as provided for in NZRL’s Constitution.
Subsequent progress


NZRL has received a positive response from MoRLNZ and the Association is working hard to meet all the requirements set out by NZRL. This includes:
• An SGM was held in February, 2019 and the a new Constitution was approved, which is now available online at the Incorporated Societies website.

• Districts Masters Associations will now have the opportunity to become full voting members as part of the new Constitution.

• The revamped Constitution provides a full explanation of the transitional and future membership and Executive Committee structures.

• The new Executive Committee will be made up of four Elected members and three Selected members.

• As part of the three Selected members, NZRL will appoint one NZRL Board representative.

• The remaining two Selected members will be appointed to the Executive Committee by way of an independent appointments panel. This will take place either before or following the AGM, now scheduled for late March/early April.


NZRL is committed to continuing to work closely with various Masters’ stakeholders to ensure a positive outcome for all NZ Masters teams, whereby a united approach is achieved with ONE Masters Association.