What lies in store for the boys at National High Performance Camp at St Peter’s School, Cambridge?


After an official welcome, day one will see the campers complete a range of fitness tests. Former Kiwi Nigel Vagana will also be running a ‘Personal Brand’ session where the players will learn about the factors that can influence their image both as a person and as a player. Nigel Vagana will also be facilitating a ‘Resilience’ session covering the best ways to prepare for dealing with challenges and how to bounce back from the ‘ups and downs’ and set-backs that naturally come with the territory of rugby league. This will involve a discussion around gratitude, empathy and mindfulness – essential to maintaining optimum well-being.


Day two will involve position specific training with Junior Kiwis Assistant Coach, Ezra Howe and Warriors Recruitment & Development Manager, Tony Iro. Following their on-field training, Former Kiwi David Faiumu will be running a ‘Careerwise’ session highlighting the numerous career opportunities available. This is an important part of entering the professional world of rugby league with the NRL having a ‘No work, No study, No play’ philosophy.


By day three, preparations for the final day 16s and 18s trials will be in full swing. On field and whiteboard game play sessions will be run during the day with a Guest Speaker in the evening. Former Kiwi Francis Meli will talk to the boys about his journey from grassroots league in Auckland to the professional NRL environment. His knowledge of the game both on and off the field will provide an insiders gaze into relocation, outside influences that can hinder or help you and the tools that can assist players to perform consistently at the highest level.


In their final day of camp, players will leave it all on the field in the 16s and 18s trials. Parent seminars will be run in the morning where Ali Lauitiiti, Ex-Kiwi and Former Warriors player, and Karmen Taplin, Football Operations Co-ordinator will provide insights into the reality of relocating to a different country to play footy and the costs associated with that.

NRL Parents Seminar (16s): 9am – 10am

16s Trial Match: 10am – 11:40am

NRL Parents Seminar (18s): 11am – 12pm

18s Trial Match: 12pm – 1:40pm



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