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 Here you will find the stories of the grants we have given out so far in 2017

Physical Disability Rugby League

With the ground breaking successful introduction of Physical Disability Rugby league to our shores in 2015, we are proud to announce that we are supporting the cost of sending  the selection of Mathew Ngametua, Jim Doolan, Ben Tuimaseve, and Jaydon Pelenato Ah Hi to attend the Indigenous Combined Nations Squad playing the New South Wales Physical Disability Rugby League All Stars on July 9 at Redfern Oval,Sydney.

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Please click on the link above to watch the 2018 Rugby League Commonwealth Championships team in their final hit out.

“Thank you so much for your support (L4L) to get them there, we can’t thank you all enough.” – Sandra Hickey and the entire Physical Disability Rugby League NZ crew

Kiwi Ferns player, Krystal Rota 

No.9 Kiwi ferns player Krystal Rota juggles her training commitments, parenting and schooling for her two children and studies. Her daughter, three-year-old Nikayla, has been diagnosed with Nephrotic syndrome and has recently had a kidney transport. As a result of this, Krystal is in and out of hospital on a weekly basis getting blood tests.

To help support Krystal during this difficult time, League 4 Life granted Krystal with the amount needed to cover her transport costs to and from the hospital for the year.

It is with thanks to the support of our members that we can continue to help Krystal, the NZ Disabled Rugby League and others.


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