How to Apply


To apply for a grant from the Foundation, the next application deadline is 25th April..

Individuals can apply online here

Projects can apply online here –



We will contact you once a decision has been made, this will usually be a few weeks after the application deadline. If successful we will then make arrangements for the delivery of the grant. The Trust will not make cash payments direct to successful applicants, but will pay service providers direct upon completion of the project.

Who can apply?
The League 4 Life foundation awards grants exclusively to individuals, projects or organisations that are a part of, or benefiting the Rugby League Community in New Zealand. This includes volunteers, players, family members and club initiatives.

League 4 Life has been established to support the Rugby League community through times of hardship. Our funding criteria is outlined more specifically below.

Health & Recovery

a. Financial support to ensure a normal/everyday standard of living.

b. Promoting the general mental/physical health & wellbeing in the Rugby League community. This includes promoting healthy lifestyle projects and necessary safety equipment.

Social Impact

a. Supporting initiatives that are having a positive impact on society through Rugby League including working with local charitable organisations or projects.

b. Improving social cohesion and community wellbeing.

Creating Opportunities

a. Supporting the creation of opportunity for the disadvantaged, such as the disabled or marginalised community members

b. Ensuring the disadvantaged experience improvement in prospects that would otherwise be unlikely

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