Referees play a very important role in our game

Refereeing is a fun, exciting, non-contact way to be involved with Rugby League. You get to see all the action from the best position on the field and it’s a great way to keep fit at the same time. Referees play an important role in providing a fun and safe environment for all Rugby League participants

STEP ONE: Complete the online Leaguesmart here
STEP TWO: Find a Referees course near you here
STEP THREE: Contact your local referee association here

Referee Associations
Your local Referee Associations are always welcoming new members.
A Referee Association works with the local Rugby League District to:
• ensure all matches are officiated by a qualified and competent Referee
• raise the image and quality of referees and touch Judges
• increase competency levels across the refereeing and touch judging population.
• improve the individual personal and interpersonal skills of referees.
• increase the number of recruits to the refereeing ranks by offering education processes, and to provide quality ongoing support to ensure retention of referees.
• assist in the involvement of a greater number of senior referees in leadership roles in the professional development of referees through in-service courses/programs.
• provide an on-going practical on-field education for referees and touch judges.
• develop codes of behaviour, practices and procedures which provide quality standards of refereeing.
• improve and enhance communication between Referees at all levels of competition and accreditation.
• provide appropriate feedback to Referees to ensure all are familiar with current Laws and experimental innovations.
• promote refereeing within the ranks of community members, teachers and past players.


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