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New Zealand Rugby League are committed to creating more positive experiences on and off the field for our players, match officials and supporters. ‘Be a Good Sport (BAGS)  is a programme designed specifically to encourage positive supporter behaviour and provide more enjoyable rugby league experiences for our community.

In 2017 all seven zones launched BAGS into their junior programmes, expanding into the internationals grades in 2018.

Be a Good Sport was adapted from an Auckland Rugby League programme and has proven to be effective in raising the profile of appropriate sideline behaviour by empowering team champions to manage their supporters’ behaviour.
Additional to this NZRL have worked extensively with Aktive – Auckland Sport & Recreation’s Good Sport’s team to ensure parents, coaches and supporters are more informed around their roles in children’s sport – to encourage and create fun learning environments through sport.

How will we find out about it?

Depending on what you are participating in, either a season competition or a tournament, the organiser will provide an information session to you about how BAGS  works – either through a booklet or a presentation.
BAGS  resources will be provided at the venue including sideline sandwich board signage, BAGS  team champions vests, wallet cards and the BAGS  guide sheet, all helping to promote and educate the rugby league community about the programme. Team cards have been updated to indicate whether team champions were in place for each game and note the quality of the supporters’ behaviour.

Game Day

Two parents or supporters (not the team manager, coach or staff) are appointed as the ‘Be a Good Sport’ team champions (TC’s) per team and are given a BAGS  hi-visibility vest to wear, wallet cards and the guide sheet.
The referee starts the game when all four TC’s are on the sideline wearing their vests.

The TC’s role is to;

  • Position themselves on the sideline amongst their team’s supporters
    • Wear their BAGS vests for the duration of the game
    • Monitor their supporters’ behaviour not the opposition’s
  • Key points to note, all sidelines are;

o Smoke free
o Alcohol free
o Abuse free

Where behaviour is not appropriate, TC’s are to follow the steps as described on the BAGS  guide sheet. The tournament or competition manager will also be on hand to assist when the situation moves to step 5.
When signing the team card, the referee will also make note if the team has undertaken their BAGS  duties.

Inappropriate sideline behaviour – refer to the BAGS guide sheet

If a supporter is behaving negatively on the sideline the TC takes the following steps;

  • Use the wallet card or sandwich board as a reminder of what appropriate behaviour is
    • Call on the BAGS manager/event organiser for additional support
    • BAGS  manager/event organiser then manages individual
    • At the conclusion of the game, if appropriate a BAGS  incident report will be completed and appropriate steps taken.

If you require any further information about BAGS please contact

Be A Good Sport resources – photos

Wallet card – Code of Conduct
Sandwich Board Design
Guide Sheet
Incident Report

Additional resources

Ride Home
Good Sports
o Parent
o Coach


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