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NZRL National Domestic Trainer Scheme

It is the intention of the NZRL to further develop Zone capabilities in relation to the provision of first aid in and around Rugby League grounds, during practice and games.

First Aid Officer Accreditation (FAO)

The First Aid Officer Accreditation (FAO) is an essential part of the Rugby League community and our efforts to ensure the safety of all participants in the game.

The FAO accreditation is also the minimum level requirement to be recognised as a trainer by the New Zealand Rugby League.

This accreditation recognises that the candidate has recently completed a module in Sports First Aid and CPR, or is in possession of a current First Aid certificate with at least one year remaining and receive Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) from the NZRL.First-Aid-Officer

Completes the NZRL Rugby League Fundamentals Workshop or has a current NZRL Rugby League Fundamentals License with at least one year remaining.

Complete the sports strapping module or has been assessed and signed off from a practicing physiotherapist as being competent in sports strapping and receive Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) from the NZRL.

10 persons paid in full are required before the First Aid Officer Accreditation can be arranged for your Zone, District or Club. Contact you Zone to register your interest.

Module 1:
Fundamentals Workshop

Module 2:
Sports First Aid

Module 3:
Sports Strapping

Multi-Sports Recognition

The First Aid Officer (FAO) Programme was developed in partnership with New Zealand Football and Netball New Zealand.

The programme has generic application that can be applied across sports.

The accreditation received in this programme is formally recognised by both the NZRL and Netball New Zealand.

The cost structure is based on a minimum of 10 paying candidates for the courses to be run cost neutral, and in that way ensuring the sustainability of the programme. Candidates may come from a combination of the sporting codes involved to attain minimum numbers.

Course delivery

First Aid Officer and National Trainer Courses will be run in the Zones around the country. Contact your Zone Office or General Manager to register you and/or your clubs interest in one or both of these courses.


Cost Structure per accreditation Cost Per Programme
First Aid Officer Modules 1, 2, 3 $55
Training modules only Modules 4,5 $35
Full Course Modules 1,2,3,4,5 $90


Recognising Prior Learning:

Applications for recognition of prior learning (RPL) may be made where the criteria of the module has been met by the candidate. See the application form for RPL.

All module requirements must be completed for accreditation to be awarded.

Deductions from course costs can be made where an application for RPL has been received and accepted prior to the running of a course where additional modules are required to complete the requirements of an accreditation level.

The deduction schedule is as follows, and is at the discretion of the NZRL or its' representative to apply.

Module cost deductions: (Where awarded as credit)

Module 1: Fundamentals


Module 2: Sports First Aid & CPR


Module 3: Sports Strapping


Module 4: Anatomy and Physiology


Module 5: Training and Conditioning