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Profiling players is about knowing your players so you can meet their needs, and it also gives you the information you need to make informed decisions.

It helps you to:
• Identify players at risk of injury
• Match players to the position and/or grade most suited to them
• Identify factors that may make players prone to injury
• Provide ways to measure fitness
• Assess the effectiveness of a rehabilitation programme
• Identify factors that may be affecting players' performance. e.g. work demands
• Prepare emergency plans
• Plan your training sessions

Collect your Player Profiles and keep them in a folder. Have this folder at all games and trainings and keep it confidential. A player can ask to see their own sheet and take it with them if they change clubs or teams.

LeagueSmart, in conjunction with ACC's SportSmart has four different player profiles available, depending on the level of rugby league you are playing.

Junior Team

Social Team

Competitive Team

Masters Team