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The information and training guides within the NZRL website are provided for the purpose of guiding coaches, trainers and players in their preparations for participation in Rugby League.

These training guides and activities have been developed by many of the leaders in our game including the NZ Warriors, and the NZ Kiwis coaching and training staff.

The NZRL wishes to acknowledge and thank the NZ Warriors in their continued support of the grass roots game in New Zealand and in the development of our coaches, trainers, managers and players.

This site will be updated with new training activities and guides to ensure our community has access to the most up to date and relevant training methodology relating to the game of Rugby League.

The purpose of providing these online training guides is to assist in the development and performance of our domestic players and to minimise injuries through improved conditioning, skill and technique acquisition.

All sections of these training guides apply to INTERNATIONAL RULES AGE GROUPS except for the section specifically developed for the Mini Mod Grades. Mini and Mod players should not be trained as young adults, training must be specific to their level of ability and age to achieve sustainable development and to ensure young players do not burn out and lose interest in the game before the essential years of 14 and over. From 13's some of these concepts may be introduced at a lower intensity and duration.

A general rule for strength and power training is that players up to 16 years of age should focus on body weight exercises (that is not using weights, but rather activities like push ups, sit ups, chin ups, body weight squats and lunges as the basis of developing strength and power) or to focus on correct technique using only the lightest of weights. Consult a professional instructor before introducing youth players to weighted gym activities.

We hope that you will find these resources of value.


Disclaimer: The information and advice regarding physical conditioning and associated material on this website should only be used in conjunction with information or advice from appropriately qualified trainers, coaches and referees and anyone looking to undertake a physical conditioning programme should seek medical advice from a registered medical practitioner prior to doing so.

The information is made available strictly on the basis that the NZRL fully exclude any liability to any person for loss, cost or damage arising out of any reliance on the information or advice contained on this site.